July 4        "Our American Melody" 2pm                                                 Ella Springs Senior Living 
July 8         "A Very Happy Hour"  3pm
                    The Hallmark Assisted Living    

July 11-15   Creative Writing Camp 
                     Rice University

July 20       "Luau Party"   2:30pm
                    The Hallmark Assisted Living

July 21        July Birthday Luncheon.  12n
                    The Forum at Memorial Woods     

Aug 13        Disney Birthday  8pm
                     Hotel Zaza 

Aug 16        "A Very Happy Hour"  4pm
                    The Tradition Buffalo Speedway

Aug 16       "Sinatra at Sunset"  7pm
                    Brazos Towers  

Sept/Oct   "Miss Maude" 
                    AD Players
                    Pre-Broadway World Premiere