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Writer-In-Residence at Texas Children's Hospital

Through a collaboration with the Writers In The Schools, Arts In Medicine, and the Periwinkle Foundation, I serve as  working with young oncology patients. While they undergo their in-patient treatments, we pass the time working on creative writing projects. A great outlet of expression about their personal  journeys.

Teaching Artist

Writers in the Schools/Rice University Creative Writing Camps 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Creative Writing Camp - Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart - 2022

I created online writing prompts to supporting teachers during CovidClick on an image to view, and give one a try!

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Let's Make a Movie! - Silent Storytelling

Students are exposed to the wonderful world of the Silent Films that were the precursor

to the Hollywood blockbusters that we know today.

They learn to collaborate on all aspects of the creative process.

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Here are links to the student films created by students

from the WITS Creative Writing Camp at Rice University.

Click an image and enjoy!

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Here is the trailer for a show that I created

on the importance of good dental hygiene

for Express Children's Theatre.

Click below:

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Every Child Counts

Dedicated to working with Every Child Counts, a school for special children in the Bahamas. For the past seven years, I have produced annual fundraising concerts helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Students have learned and performed  a full concert program. Even the teachers have gotten into the act as "The Starlettes." We have proven that music has a special way to bring a community together. 

As you probably know...

Hurricane Dorian destroyed all 5 of the buildings on the campus and the surrounding community. Without this unique school, students with special needs will have nowhere to go to learn on their own terms. As someone who has worked with this school for the past 8 years, preparing the students to perform in very successful fundraising concerts, I have seen firsthand the impact on their lives. Please help to continue this noble tradition of empowering special needs students to learn and thrive. .

Consider a donation to help rebuild this remarkable school:


As a BMI registered lyricist, I enjoy collaborating with amazing world-class artists such as jazz duo Kim Prevost and Bill Solley. I've written lyrics for thirty of their original songs.


You can learn more about them on their website: