As an actor, I get to step into many different roles. Here are a few...

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I've performed in venues all over the world, from Broadway to Berlin. I especially love to entertain residents of Senior Living Communities, as research shows that music makes magical connections for seniors and those in need of memory care. These 'Great American Songbook' concerts have a therapeutic effect as well as entertain, providing a bridge to an earlier time. Audience members find themselves singing along, which taps into their longterm memories in a unique way. Beyond all the technical medical connection stuff, it is a privilege for me to bring them joy.


Recordings of some of many of my

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“...His music is fantastic. He made me fall in love with my husband all over again.”                 - Resident, Brazos Towers

"David LaDuca is nothing short of fabulous! Our residents here at The Forum look forward to his concerts every time. There is never an empty seat. He is professional, extremely talented and very modest. Do not miss out booking him for an event!"          

- Maryanne Murphy, Former Lifestyle 360 Director, The Forum

“...we’re still talking about it!  Not only was it a beautiful concert of great music presented with grace and artistry; it was also a genuine celebration of life. It uplifted and inspired the entire crowd by affirming of the triumphs of living a long life.  Can’t wait to see it again!”    - Tim Fried-Fiore, Exec Dir, Express Children’s Theatre


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